Trying Not To Over-medicate

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Some medications are necessary and lifesaving but other medications are simply to make you feel better. Taking medication may be necessary for some but many of the medications that Americans are taking every day are not and this is causing a population of individuals who are being over medicated and the more medications you take the more likely you are to have medications that conflict and can cause you serious side effects.

There are many natural treatments for pain relief or stress, depression and sleep disorders. It is also common practice to run to the nearest doctor’s office to seek treatment for every little ache, pain and discomfort we encounter, regardless of how minor. There are certainly times when this is necessary, but many of these health issues can be treated with natural remedies and alternative techniques that are more healthy than simply ingesting a pill for every ill.

Too many pills create not only drug interactions but in many cases, the side effect from one pill may cause you to need another pill and so on and so forth. Having this type of chain reaction can have you popping pills all day long. It is a better idea to only go to the doctor when other options have been exhausted and to check with both your doctor and pharmacist about potential drug interactions and also on the herbs you are taking to make sure that there are no conflicts.

If you have been the victim of over-medicating, this will probably explain the groggy tired feeling and beginning stages of depression and other health issues you might have recently begun to notice. This is easy to do because the many different medications have their own signature set of side effects. These can range from mild to serious to deadly. You can experience a rash, upset stomach to being dizzy and disoriented. The deadly side effect could come from anywhere, so be extra careful of what you are taking at any given time.

It is really our own responsibility to monitor our medications uk and the effects it has on us. This is what we do to ensure the safety of our children and those that we love. Why not show the same concern for your own health. Discontinue any meds that might be causing you problems or have the potential to cause serious health issues or become fatal. Consult your healthcare professionals if something raises concern. It is the intentions of these medications to be very helpful, but when used wrong they can have devastating effects.

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