Thought-Starters On Bachelorette Party Planning

Planning a bachelorette party can be difficult, from arranging the photo booth props to deciding upon different bachelorette party games to play and the list goes on. You can now make things easier and order bachelorette party supplies online and save some time.

“Another one bites the dust” you sigh inwardly. You look at that marriage invitation asking you to ‘RSVP’. You scoff. You wonder if the single life is worth giving up? For a person you know you will want to strangle in 10 years? And then you wonder more. Maybe it is. Maybe your friend stumbled upon something that you don’t know, that through your endeavours you hope to secretly chance upon. You smile. “Well, whatever makes her happy” you decide finally. You decide to let her go, but not before a party. A party that would epitomize all the great nights and the days you’ve spent with her. The girls nights, the college party nights, then let’s drink away our sorrows nights, even the staying at home and watching movies nights. Your friend deserves a great send off. She deserves the best bachelorette, from her best girl-friends.

So you gear up. Now you could do the regular bachelorette party, with bachelorette party games galore, last night of debauchery and indulgence ritual, or you could try something different. Heck, you could do both. Now let’s look at some of the things you could do for the bride’s big send-off.


Is the bride to be a nature-loving, adventure seeking junkie? Well, take her out camping. Take that trip, plan that trek, trudge those mountains and camp under the stars. It could be a quiet getaway planned between you, the bride to be and another one of your closest friends sharing memories from the past, or it could be an entire band of people, dancing around a bonfire. Planning a wedding can be exhausting both emotionally and physically. So why not treat the bride to be to a relaxing spa day. Aromatic oils, incense sticks and massages to get rid of the knots in the bride’s body so that she gets all prepared to tie the final knot.

But what if your bride to be best-friend wants nothing but a great party? You could take her to the new club that opened in the great part of the town, or you could be original and throw her a party that she will remember the rest of her married life. Now here are some pointers for a great bachelorette party

Come up with a great theme

It’s always great to have your party centred on a theme. Maybe you could do a sleepover theme party, with comfortable jammies and lots of junk. Spike the Pina Coladas and get some backstreet boys to dance to. Get that twister mat out and get twistin’.

Or what about getting a Hot tub hire Rotherham and get a super cool theme party.

Activities for the bride to be

It’s better to have a few bachelorette party games up your sleeves. You could play a game of classic poker or you could create a scavenger bridal hunt for the bride to be.

Play ex-charades, where you divide yourselves into two groups and pretend to be the bride’s exes, crushes or former friends.

Play truth or dare, where the bride gets full authority to dare anyone to do anything, and if the one to be given a dare does not compile, she must buy the bride a complimentary shot.

Original party favours

Don’t just buy party favours. Come up with original ideas and customize the party favours for all the guests. Get customized cups or wine glasses, have lingerie shaped containers, and definitely get a customized cake. What’s a party without some icing?

Once you’re done planning the party, get to it. The clock’s ticking and your best girlfriend is counting the last minutes of her single life before she hits the gallows. So hurry up, throw her a great bachelorette party, and do what you have to before she says ‘I do’.

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