Makeup for party. Bright colour glitter eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, red lip gloss, make up brushes and applicator with candy cane, gift wrap bows and confetti on pink background. Copy space

Day to Day Makeup Tips

Makeup is women’s favourite which can give gorgeous look. By using the proper makeup tips we can maintain our face as beautiful as others. There are various types of the makeup atoms which are preferably used for the specific part such as eye, chick, chin, nose and so on. Makeup should be used to help

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A lot of colorful medication and pills from above on grey wooden background. Copy space. Top view, frame. Painkillers, tablets, generic pills, drugs.

Trying Not To Over-medicate

Some medications are necessary and lifesaving but other medications are simply to make you feel better. Taking medication may be necessary for some but many of the medications that Americans are taking every day are not and this is causing a population of individuals who are being over medicated and the more medications you take

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